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Confía is the identity federation of the andalusian universities. Its main objective is to enable persons belonging to this community use distributed services using the credentials of their home university.

Demo de Confía

Main features

  • Confia connects login systems of the institutions with the web services belonging to the federation
  • With Confia you only need to remember the username and password that you already have in your home university
  • Confia ensures that connected services only will know the minimum information they need to function properly
  • Transfer any information from one system to another requires your consent
  • All the transfered data is obtained from your university systems
  • The identity federation Confia does not store any personal information


Check list of institutions connected to the identity federation Confia.

Being a member of Confia has numerous advantages as you will see in the following document.

Join the identity federation Confía!



There are many services that are accessible using Confia. Check the following list in order to know them.

If you are responsible of a web service and you want to include it to the identity federation Confia, you only need to follow these easy steps.

Do you still doubt the benefits that this entails? Do not wait and read its advantages.


Interested in knowing how the federation works? No problem, we have several documents and videos to help you learn about this technology and to help us improve it.

Confía is an open project and your feedback is wellcome.

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